the crystal water

Water Crystals are naturally formed at the time of falling snow, generally shaped in terms of five or six with a variety of shapes on each end. Surprisingly, the water crystal formation can be a very complicated shape and symmetrical.

Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has begun research on water crystals and memplublikasikan findings are very interesting in the world. At first he took some water samples, including tap water, river water and mountain water and then freeze them and began to photograph the water crystals are formed.

Memmoto crystal water is not easy, because once out of the refrigerator, crystals will soon melt. Research results showed that the crystal water from a protected area such as lakes, rivers and springs to form a perfect crystal water, while tap water to produce crystal is broken or incomplete. Even more surprisingly, when the water before it crystallized exposed to words like “Danke” (Germany), “thank you” (UK), “thank you” (Indonesia), it will form crystals that are different but have similar beauty.

Meanwhile, when exposed to the words “I hate you” then the crystal water will not be formed or broken. This is very interesting because the water directly respond to our voices as well as when exposed to classical music will be more beautiful the result of heavy metal music. For more details, read the book The Message from Water by Masaru Emoto.

Have you ever seen people who drink water that has been prayed.

Water is ultimately what the prayer?

Is it true that prayer water can cure diseases and make your body really be healthy?

According to research in each of the water there is crystal.

Where if the water was prayed for by the good, the crystal water will be shaped crystals are beautiful and healthy body.

In contrast, water in poor pray with the crystal water becomes crystal clutter and damage the body.

Therefore, pray before eating and drinking, but pray that’s fine.

In addition, we know that approximately 80% of our body consists of water.

You’d have to guess.

Yup, for people who are always well behaved and said it crystal body fluids such as blood will form a beautiful crystal that keeps the body becomes calm.

Conversely, if we often behave rude and often perform the oath-cuss the liquid crystal body we will be ugly. This only makes the disease in our bodies.


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